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FontLab Studio 5.0

With unique killer features like native TrueType support and single-window Multiple Master editing, FontLab’s Studio 5.0.2 is the most capable font-editing tool available today, easily outpacing both the current Fontographer (now Owned by FontLab) and the old FontStudio (formerly published by Letraset).

It has been, over time, a great favorite of font manufacturers, font designers, and graphic designers who need to customize fonts for clients—people who need more advanced features than Fontographer offers, such as OpenType format support.

New features for FontLab Studio 5 (called FontLab in previous releases), include new editing tools for metrics and kerning, in-context glyph design, improved Unicode and Multiple Master support, new printing/proofing features, and dozens of other interface enhancements and functionality refinements, including the ability to preserve your workspace settings across font editing sessions.

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