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type.co.uk is the online arm of Fontworks UK Ltd, part of the Creative Publishing Solutions (CPS) Group who own the Fontshop brand in the UK. With an online presence since 1994 we represent over 100 foundries worldwide, offering a huge range from industry favourites (Adobe, Linotype, Monotype, Berthold, ITC, Bitstream), leading independents (Emigre, Font Bureau, T-26) and cutting edge collections such as Virus, Alias, ACMEFONTS, ShinnType, G-Type, and Device.

We are a leading provider of custom fonts and type design services to the corporate, advertising and design sectors. The company has evolved into a multi-disciplined ‘Type Consultancy’ advising on font licensing and legality, plus many technical and Corporate Identity issues. Contact us today for assistance with your project.

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