Expressive Web Typography: Examples and Techniques

By Fran Melo and Angie Bowen

Wherever we turn online, typography jumps out at us — sometimes literally, with the assistance of some clever coding. And now more than ever, we are seeing greater focus on this design element and its varied implementations around the Web. With the growing popularity of font embedding services and @font-face, typography is the talk of the town, but even though it is a regular topic among communities, not all of our typographic efforts are successful. Sometimes we swing for the fences, only to miss or fall short.

This is what brings us together today. We have looked around the Web and checked some of the many typographic choices of website owners — some of which are successful, others not so much. Below is a selection of some elegant and interesting websites. We will critique the typography on them, in order to explore how we can improve the type on our own websites. Look through them to see whether you spot any typographical trespasses that you may have committed yourself.

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One thought on “Expressive Web Typography: Examples and Techniques

  1. I think one of the evident lessons here is that intricacy doesn’t always work when it comes to website design. Typography doesn’t have to be colorful, big, or new. In fact, simpler is better sometimes. What matters is that it can be read, it suits your website’s theme, and your visitors appreciate it. I’ve seen a handful of Ohio websites that have amazing typography. How I wish that other websites would do the same.

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