Loseley Re-design

Lee Newham of Designed by Good People explains how the packaging he designed for Loseley Ice Cream (while he was at P & W) turned things around:

“Years of neglect and poor brand management had left Loseley, once a premium ice cream brand, losing both listings and its loyal consumer following. Here’s how it looked.

The owners of premium ice cream Hill Station then took over the brand, rejuvenating the brand as ‘the English ice cream’, by returning back to Loseley’s original heritage, based on its origins at Loseley House in Surrey and its availability at stately homes – part of a nice English day out.

Each pack was made to look like the style of paintings seen hanging in stately home Loseley House. Subtle wit was introduced as each image shows the character struggling to enjoy their ice cream while sitting for the portrait. One has ice cream on his nose, on another it has melted down her hand. The brand’s tongue was firmly kept in its cheek. By playing humorously on the brand’s heritage in the packaging, Loseley saved and increased its listings. The design went on to be nominated for or win 7 major international design competitions.”


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