Best logos ever?

As a mid-week break from the routine we have a cross-blog, cross-media collaboration for you. The focus of the April issue of Creative Review will be “Dedicated to the art of logo design” and they have taken on the subjective challenge of making a definitive list of the Best 20 Logos Ever. They will ask for “the expert opinion of designers, academics and critics who will ultimately help us come up with 20 of the world’s greatest logo designs” but first, they need everyone’s opinion. They have already asked their early-rising European readers to nominate their Top 5 logo designs of all time. Now it’s time for Brand New readers to bring it. What are your Top 5 logos of all time?

UnderConsideration’s own five nominations are part of the experts opinions, so we will reveal those once the definitive list has been made. Plus, we haven’t come up with our nominations. It’s hard!. But if you are interested in a quick scan of what’s on our first draft: FedEx / BP / CN (Canadian National) / New Haven Railroad / Obama ‘08 Campaign / Playboy / International Paper / Batman / IBM / et al.


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