Alternative Movie Posters

Alternative Movie Posters

Everyone loves movies. As designers, we tend to love the movie posters that come along with those movies as well. What I tend to love more than the actual movie posters, are ALTERNATE Movie posters! These are creative artworks made by pretty much anyone who wants to – that depict a different poster of the movie based on the story of the movie or a piece of the movie that they felt sums up the movie. These things get really clever, and beautiful – so I hope they inspire you to do something similar, or inspire you to do something different with the design you are working on. Who knows who might enjoy your alternative film poster so much that they ask to purchase it to hang on their wall. Heck, you might enjoy your own poster so much that you get some poster printing service to print some off yourself so you can hang it up in your room, or sell them to friends!



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