Google Doodles

Where do you go when you want to search something about how the Solar System was made? What is the exact location of Mt. Kinabalu? Why does Bane wears a mask? Or what are the latest news about your favorite celebrity? Of course most of you will never thought of going to a library and find a book to answer those questions. Most will open their gadgets, connect to the Internet and find the best answer to those inquiries using a search engine – and yeah, if you were born with the Web today, you prefer using Google.

Google probably knows everything – from the specific milestones in world’s history to the summer photos of your neighbor in his online profile. Yes we know what Google does but how much do we really know about the search engine giant? Try searching “When was Google founded?” The result tells you that today is a significant date for Google.

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Creating Color Schemes

As a designer with an extensive art background, I find it easier to pick color schemes using concepts of color theory that all artists learn and use every single day in their work. The use and practice of color theory for designers can drastically help their designs become more professional and color schemes feel more natural. In what ways can you use color theory to help you select and improve upon your color schemes? Let’s walk through color theory 101 and talk about how you can use it to develop great color schemes for your next design project.

Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Colors.