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Cannibalistic Pumpkin Carving

I thought I would try my hand at carving the popular cannibalistic pumpkin that I’ve seen so many times before. Just as I was starting out, I realized that this was a good opportunity to document it with my camera. So below is a little tutorial I put together for anyone who might want to try this out. It’s not too difficult if you are just patient and take it slow.




Animals. Those are animals. They must be animals. Or aren’t they? Guido Daniele is the mastermind behind these hyper-realistic animal hand paintings, popularly known as ‘Handimals’. An Italian artist currently living in Milan, Guido Daniele has been painting and exhibiting his outstanding collection of works in personal as well as group art events since 1968. Around the year 1990, Guido made a breakthrough in the technique of body art painting –hands in particular.

Guido Daniele formally began working as a hyper-realistic painter and illustrator with major advertising agencies and editing companies in 1972. Since then he has acquired a rich expertise in the various loops of the industry, including work for television commercials and programs as well as airbrush painting and magazine backdrops and even custom projects for both private homes and public buildings. In light of all of this, it should come as no surprise that Guido Daniele is a force to be reckoned, quite literally ‘one to beat’ in the art world. In the face of his success, Guido’s skill and his passion for his work remain unparalleled as a man whose ambition knows no end.

Complementing his exceptional talent and experience with this new found artistic technique, Guido Daniele makes waves in the art community and commercial industry alike. Guido takes a novel angle on body painting, perfecting the art of painting the hands of his models for not only personal work, but effectively employing this creative approach in the worlds of advertising, fashion, and print, including exclusive campaigns for WWF and AT&T. His artistic research and exploration directly led him to the grand culmination of two traditional techniques, oil painting and photography. We take you through a number of masterpieces from his hand painting series on wildlife. Feast your eyes with this collection of exquisitely painted animals in perfect likeness, effortlessly rendering the presence of the hand form itself in flawless oblivion.

Guido Daniele’s work


Creative websites

There has been a great change, for the better, in web technologies. This industry has been totally revolutionized and websites don’t look quite like the ones made a few years an ago anymore. Every element of websites has been enhanced and new and creative features are being added. To illustrate what we mean by all this, we have a list of some of the most awesome modern websites with some breath-taking effects. These websites have a lot of elements which not only engage the visitor, but also make the website more user-friendly and interesting for them.

Web Design Effects.