Now here’s your chance to redesign Coke’s Logo. No seriously.

Coca-Cola may have just been ranked as the top global brand by Brandchannel’s owner, Interbrand, but the beverage giant apparently thinks you might be able to help make its brand even stronger. Yes, you.

For more than 125 years, the company has had a logo that hasn’t changed a whole lot. As Blankyouverymuch.com notes, “the classic lettering was originally designed in the early 1900s by Coca-Cola’s former bookkeeper, Frank Robinson,” and the swirl “was added in 1969 to represent the unique contour of the glass bottles.”

Coca-Cola and that site have joined forces and are asking designers across America to come up with a logo redesign for the iconic brand. Don’t worry, Coke fans; there is no plan to start marketing some new version of the drink. Coke’s not making that mistake again.

The winner of the contest will simply receive $5,000 and see their design appear on a limited-edition T-shirt. The logo must not stray from Coke’s famous red-and-white colors and cannot incorporate any kind of international symbols or flags. It should also be targeted to consumers 12 or older.

If nothing else, the contest will surely drive a few sales, by designers buying a few Cokes for research purposes.


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