Holiday Value.

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With Mac Bundles, you can buy several Mac apps together with big discount–many times you can get hundreds of dollars of Mac software for anywhere from about $9.99 to $49.99 USD.

The Holiday Mac SuperBundle *ENDS SOON!*

Added 11/28/12 – lasts for 15 days. Cost: $29 (94% off) – SAVE OVER $470

Link: The Holiday Mac SuperBundle

Apps Include:

  • Arcsoft Perfect 365 for Mac – “The One-Click Way to Perfect Photo Makeovers”
  • The Escapers Flux 4 – “Create Stunning Websites from Scratch”
  • MacWare LogoDesign Studio Pro 2 – “Design Professional Logos in Just Minutes”
  • Stellar Drive Clone – “The Safe & Easy Way to Clone Mac Hard Drives & Volumes”
  • Belight Concealer – “Keeps Your Files and Passwords Safe & Secure”
  • Metakine Hands Off! – “The Safe Way to Monitor Your Computer & Protect Your Privacy”
  • Stellar Speedup Mac – “Speeds Mac Power & Performance Automatically”
  • Arvixe Web Hosting (NOT A MAC APP) – “6 Months of Superior Shared Web Hosting”
  • TheEscapers Stuf 2 – “The Clipboard Manager with a Global Difference”
  • Star Wars The Force Unleashed: Ultimate Sith Edition

The Entertainment Games Bundle *ENDS SOON!*

$29 for “10 Fun Games That are Compatible with Your Mac & PC”

Games Include:

  • Hoyle Casino Games 2012
  • Hoyle Puzzle and Board Games 2012
  • HOYLE Card Games 2012
  • American Pickers The Game
  • The Marvel Action Pack
  • The Lost Cases of Sherlock Holmes
  • Hoyle Slots
  • Lost Secrets Bermuda Triangle
  • Lost Secrets Ancient Mysteries
  • Dairy Queen Tycoon

MacVideo Promo Holiday Bundle

“6 Great Apps & Tools for $199.95, Save Over 85%” (not everything is a Mac App)

Link: MacVideo Promo Holiday Bundle

Apps Include:

  • BoinxTV (regularly $499) – “Combine live camera video, clips, photos, 3D graphics, lower thirds, audio and more to create a stunning recording or live video.”
  • Boris Continuum 3D Objects Unit (regularly $399) – “The Boris Continuum 3D Objects Unit features 5 powerful effects filters that make it easy to create 3D objects using text and shapes in Apple Final Cut Pro, Apple Motion, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro, and Avid Media Composer. “
  • Martini by PowerProduction Software (regularly $199) – “Bridging the gap between your unshot scenes and your final edit is faster and easier than ever. Don’t get blacked out! No more black slugs with text explaining what “shot goes here”: show that shot wth the dynamic power of Martini.”
  • Class on Demand Black Card (up to $200 value) – The Black Card offers 2-year access to any one video-based training package from Class on Demand’s catalog – up to a $200 value! You can choose from an extensive list of software titles that cover various topics such as editing, lighting, graphics, animation, cameras, and more.
  • VideoBlocks Production Content Bundle ($100 Value) – “Offered exclusively for MacVideo Promo’s Holiday Bundle, the VideoBlocks Production Content Bundle includes a collection of 25 royalty-free transitions, production music tracks, motion backgrounds, lower thirds, and After Effects templates.”
  • Winter Holiday DVD Theme Kit ($105 Value) – “Create holiday-themed DVD menus and packaging in minutes with Eye Scream Factory’s DVD theme kit! Each theme includes main and chapter DVD menus in HD, NTSC, PAL, and DV along with matching disc labels, case inserts, and background images. Easily create new looks and styles by adjusting layers, changing text, modifying colors, and adding photos and videos.”

MacUpdate Bundle

$49.99 (save 92% off $609)

Link: MacUpdate
Apps Include:

  • Data Rescue 3 – data recovery software
  • Live Interior 3D Pro – professional interior design
  • Espresso 2 – HTML/XML/CSS/JavaScript development tool
  • Snapz Pro X 2.5 – screen capture with video support
  • TotalFinder – a finder enhancement
  • TotalSpaces – “If Lion and Mountain Lion’s window-management options left you out the in the cold, TotalSpaces offers an inviting alternative. “
  • Mac DVDRipper Pro 4 – “best tool for putting your DVD collection right where you want it: on your Mac!”
  • PopChar X 6 – “With its crystal-clear interface, PopChar X provides a frustration-free way to access any font’s special characters.”
  • MoneyWell 2 – money management app
  • Swift Publisher 3 – desktop publishing app
  • Company of Heroes real-time strategy game
  • Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 – simulation game

BundleHunt Holiday Bundle

$49.99 – Save over $1100 – 95% off

Link: BundleHunt
Apps Include:

  • Billings – “Professional Time Billing For Everyone”
  • MacFlux – “Powerful Mac web design made easy”
  • HydraPro – “Easily Create Stunning HDR Images, either Artistic or Photorealistic”
  • CircusPonies Notebook – “Organize photos, email, documents and more.”
  • Art Text – create “high quality textual graphics, headings, logos, icons, web site elements and buttons. “
  • DiskTools Pro – “Mac Defrag, Mac Disk Repair and more!”
  • Stuffit Deluxe – “Compress it. Secure it. Send it”
  • Courier – “share files, images, photos, movies, and more with all your favourite online services – including Flickr and Facebook. “
  • iDocument – “offers smart document management for Mac users to manage their documents. It’s intuitive design makes document management as simple as using standard Mac programs like iTunes or iPhoto.”
  • Smashing Mag – UX E-book Bundle of 7 ebooks
  • Pandora – User Interface Pack (useful for iOS app developers/designers)
  • Rockable -3 WP Themes (Dev)

The Web Dev Power Pack Bundle

Bundle Price: $89 (Save 77% off $387)

Link: The Web Dev Power Pack Bundle

  • Web Image Studio 1.1 – “A Powerful Image Editor Without The Aches & Pains”
  • Web Editor 1.5 – “You want to create killer websites that leave people saying, “Wow, you really made that?” Consider the HTML Editor your new best friend. HTML veterans, you’ll create standards-compliant sites using powerful tools like code completion and built-in validation. Get ready to utilize resources like comprehensive tag references and vibrant website themes.”
  • Web Form Builder 2.1 – “Powerful & Easy-to-Use Web Forms”
  • Plus GET 1,001 Graphics (not a Mac app)

“All software requires Mac OS X 10.6 or better”

Build Your Own Mac Bundle Store

When there are no Mac bundles going on (or even when there are), there is always the Build Your Own Bundle (BYOB) Store from TheMacBundles where you can choose from many apps to build your own Mac software bundle. Choose the link below for the amount of apps you want to buy (BYOB 5 Bundle to build your own 5+ app bundle, or BYOB 10 Bundle to build your own 10+ app bundle ).

BYOB 5 Bundle – choose 5 apps minimum for this bundle to get them for $5.95 each
BYOB 10 Bundle – choose a minimum of 10 apps to get them for $4.95 each

List last updated 12/22 (may have changed by the time you go to their site)

  • Bevy (normally costs $9.99) – app launcher with some cool features
  • BlogAssist (normally Costs $14.95) – makes HTML markup easier for bloggers
  • BookMacster (normally costs $22.95)- bookmark manager that merges bookmarks in popular Mac web browsers like Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Opera, etc and has support for web bookmarks like Delicious and Pinboard.
  • Brush Pilot (normally costs $25) – preview Photoshop brushes
  • Caboodle (normally costs $19.95) – information organizer
  • CallitADay (normally costs $14) – personal journal app for Mac
  • Chronicle (normally costs $14.95) – keep track of your bills to make sure you pay them each month
  • Clean Text (normally costs $49.95-Site License)- eliminate text formatting issues
  • Compress Files (normally costs $24.99-Family License) – easily compress, archive, or encrypt files
  • Cookie (normally costs $14.99) – helps to protect your online privacy by scanning your computer for cookies and can remove the bad cookies
  • CuteClips (normally costs $15) – clipboard history
  • Debtinator (normally costs $19.95) – debt management app for Mac
  • Deliver Express (normally costs $79.95) – uses automation to help you easily share files locally and on the internet
  • Deliver (normally costs $19.95) – send/share files on the internet and local network
  • DiskTracker (normally costs $30) – disk cataloging and labeling
  • DoubleTake (normally costs $24.95) – stitching software / create panoramic images
  • Duplicate Annihilator (iPhoto) – Family pack (normally costs $12.95) – helps you find and deal with duplicate photos in iPhoto
  • Ejector, LastStart? and NoMenuBar bundle (these apps are normally donationware) – choosing this will register these apps, remove any nag messages, and of course support the developer
  • Encrypt Email (normally costs $29)- send encrypted emails and attachments
  • File Juicer (normally costs $17.95) – easy to use data recovery and extraction tool
  • Flexiglass (normally costs $9.99) – window management offering “a convenient way to move, resize, maximize, and close windows with a mouse, trackpad, and keyboard”
  • FolderGlance (normally costs $20) – browse/navigate folders from finder’s contextual menu
  • Graphic Inspector (normally costs 39.95) – quality control checks on folders of graphic files
  • iDeal CRM Single User Edition (Windows & Mac OS X) (normally costs $89.90) – CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system
  • iDupe and CaliBrate Bundle (normally costs $16) – CaliBrate lets you batch proces iCal events, iDupe scans for and can remove iTunes duplicates
  • iMOnTime (normally costs $14) – reminder utility
  • iPrint (normally costs $19.95) – “adds a Dock Menu and keyboard shortcut to OS X that lets you instantly & easily print just the text you selct in any program”
  • iSkysoft iMedia Converter for Mac (normally costs $49) – rip DVDs, convert videos, extract audio and video
  • iSkysoft iTube Studio for Mac (normally costs $29) – helps you download videos
  • JobTimer (normally costs $39)- track the time you are spending on project(s)
  • maComfort Premium (normally costs $59.95) – This is not a Mac app, but a Windows program to make Windows behave a little more like a Mac with Mac hotkeys, and other Mac features
  • Master Key for Mac (normally costs $18) – typing tutor
  • Media Rage 3 (normally costs $29.95) – powerful media file management
  • Meta (normally costs $14.95) – “tagging for Mail.app”
  • MoofMenu Single User License (normally Costs $5, only available in BYOB 10 bundle) – clean up your dock by moving dock items into a hierarchical menu
  • MPEG2 Works 4 Advanced (normally costs $25) – MPEG1/2 encoder and manipulation
  • MyTunesRSS (Normally costs $19) – “Create RSS feeds & M3U or XSPF playlists. Play MP3 and AAC music directly in your browser with a flash music player, and much more.”
  • Notepad (Family License) (normally costs $34.99 for the Family License) – “collect, save, copy, paste, edit, search, password protect, and organize all your favorite snippets and notes with ease.”
  • NuKit (Normally costs $19.99) – “NuKit is a bundle of handy everyday tools to increase productivity and save time: Launcher (a Macworld Gem), Shortcuts, Advanced Calculator, Tweaker, Window Mover, Real Zoom, & Real Close”
  • OmniGrowl (normally costs $12) – notification tool that uses Growl to give you notifications on things like weather, news, etc
  • Photo Recovery for Mac (normally costs $49.95) – “photo recovery app for recovering photos, videos, and music files which have been accidentally lost due to deletion, formatting of disks, and other reasons. The app works on Macs, iPods, USB drives, digital cameras, and other storage media”
  • PlayNice For Mac & Windows (Normally costs $39.97) – sync data between Mac & Windows
  • Print It! (normally costs $29.95)- instantly select & print anything on the screen, add notes & more
  • PrintMagic (normally costs $29.95) – “instantly and easily selectively print, save, or edit any selection of material in virtually any program”
  • Prospects Family Pack (normally costs $25) – personal finance app
  • Punakea (normally costs $25) – file management: tag files & bookmarks, etc
  • RingtoneStudio 2.0 for iPhone (normally Costs $19.97)- convert sound files, movies to an iPhone Ringtone
  • ScreenShot Plus (normally costs $10) – “takes over where Apple’s capture tool leaves off. It allows you to easily scale the capture and select a file format, such as jpeg, tiff, psd, and more”
  • Simon Bronze (normally costs $49) – site monitoring tool
  • SimpleKeys (normally costs $14.99) – “easily create keyboard shortcuts and macros”
  • Slink (normally costs $25) – “the easy way to remotely connect to your home network”
  • SMART Utility Personal License (Normally costs $25) – “reads, interprets, and displays the data from the internal diagnostic system in many hard drives. This notifies you of impending drive failure, which allows you to backup your data and replace your drive before you lose any data”
  • Snapplr (normally costs $19.99) – take & share screencasts
  • SnapRocket (normally costs $14.95) – Window switcher for Mac
  • SuperCal (normally coats $19) – get better image quality by calibrating your monitor
  • TopXNotes (normally costs $39.95) – note organizer
  • UberMask (normally costs $9.95) – can hide your private data
  • Web Devil – “(normally costs $34.95) – A simple and effective tool for downloading HTML files, including textures and images from Web pages and entire Web sites. You can set your own download filters and much more.”
  • WebStart (normally costs $35) – “a full-featured webserver environment for your local Mac. It includes Apache 2, MySQL, and OpenLDAP servers, running out of the box. Three versions of PHP are included, as well as a bunch of other software needed by all web developers. WebStart has been tested with most of the CMS and frameworks, and lets you easily deploy any number of websites on your local Mac.”
  • WhatSize – (normally costs $12.99) – see how much space files/folders are taking up and can help you free some space
  • Yummy FTP – (normally costs $28) FTP / SFTP client

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