Adobe buys Behance

As Adobe takes over Behance – at a reported cost of $100m – we look how the move will affect designers

Many designers have a love/hate relationship with Adobe software, so the news that the software giant has bought Behance was met with mixed reaction yesterday. The undisclosed cost of the acquisition is rumoured to be around the $100m mark.

Hosting three million projects from around a million members, recieving over 90 million views last month alone, Behance’s recent success speaks for itself. Its place within the design community was built on its status as an independent resource, a platform to showcase past projects and attract future ones.

Behance on Creative Cloud

This latest moves sees Behance integrated into Creative Cloud, Adobe’s online subscription giving access to its tools and services, with Behance’s 32 employees moving to their New York office and Behance CEO Scott Belsky becoming vice president of community.

Writing on its blog, Behance offered three key factors considered before the sale went through:

  1. that, in an industry “plagued with inefficiency and disorganization,” Adobe’s greater reach enables more “connectivity and transparency.”
  2. the integration of the tools used by designers with the platform on which they showcase their work will “usher in a new era of idea exchange and collaborative creation.”
  3. to further push their ethos of “creative meritocracy.”

Behance has stated its service will remain free. But joing forces with Adobe may cost it its credibility. Check out the reaction of designers to the news on  Creative Bloq.


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