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Illustration could be in any form such as a drawing, painting, photograph or other image as illustration art is widely used for literature and art but good illustration art could help you to reach your destination and that is inspiring visitor.

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Google Launches Sixth Annual Doodle Design Competition for Kids


Google launched on Monday its sixth annual Google Doodle competition, encouraging young students to design their own Google logo for the search engine giant’s homepage.

Starting today, the program — Doodle 4 Google — is calling for submissions from students in Kindergarten through grade 12. Google said a panel of celebrity judges and a public vote will be factored into the decision. The top winner will take home a $30,000 scholarship, while the student’s school will receive a $50,000 technology grant.

This year’s theme is “my best day ever,” which aims to give kids a chance to “explore themes that could be imaginary, exploratory or even sentimental, past, present or future,” Google said.

The winning doodle from each of the 50 U.S. states will go on display at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City from May 22 to July 14.

Last year, more than 114,000 doodles were submitted for the theme of “If I could travel in time, I’d visit…” A drawing from Wisconsin-based Dylan Hoffman, age 7, that portrayed a pirate looking for treasure on an island came in first place.


Getty Images Get Social With Powerful New Trending Tool

With its extensive library of promo photos from major news events and exotic locations around the world, Getty Images could one day become a force on social media. That day may, in fact, come sooner than later.

The company on Monday launched something called “The Feed by Getty Images,” which essentially piggybacks off Twitter’s API to identify trending topics on social media then push out Getty photos that match those conversations. For major news, sports and entertainment in particular, this could launch a much more powerful presence for and greater awareness of Getty on social media.

Getty produces more than 10,000 images per day and many of the best ones will find their way to Getty’s various Facebook pages, the @FeedMeGetty Twitter handle and a gateway page at On Twitter for example, the company will post images of trending topics each hour, then increase that output when major news breaks or big events take place. On The Feed website, meanwhile, users will also be able to look at photos of trending topics sorted by region.