Paintings or Photographs?

The guys over at Gizmodo have compiled a list of amazing hyperrealistic paintings that can easily pass off as photographs. 

Rub your eyes all you want, but these images are actual paintings created by really talented artists. 

Click here to view the full list of paintings. 

Raphaella Spence: Empire State. 2012, oil on canvas 

Hubert De Lartigue: Sushi. 2010, acrylic on canvas 

Don Eddy: Untitled (Volkswagen). 1971, acrylic on canvas 

Tjalf Sparnaay: Supersandwich!! 2013, oil on linen 

Anthony Brunelli: Monument Square (Troy). 1997, oil on linen 

Richard Heisler: Sinjuku Sunset II (100 Views of Tokyo). 2010, oil on linen 

Charles Hartley: Bahama Surf. 2012, oil on polyester 

Chris Jenkinson: Good Morning America. 2008, oil on board 

Clive Head: 42nd Street, Sunday Morning. 2001, oil on linen 

Ron Kleemann: Red Bull Sitting. 2011, oil on canvas 

Bertrand Meniel: Breakfast at the Fairmont. 2009, acrylic on linen 

David Parrish: Midway. 2007, oil on canvas 

Ben Schonzeit: Hot Peppers. 2011, acrylic on polyester 


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