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Bunk Beds Design Ideas

When you have more than one child and the space is a problem, you have the simple solution of bunk beds, and even if the space is not a disadvantage you can be sure that your children, boys or girls, will love to climb the stairs when they are going to sleep. Today the bunk beds market has developed a lot and you can find an entire ensemble of bed with desk or closet. Now is available an entire range of colors and materials used for this area so you don’t have to be worried that your choice will not fit in the room or house design.

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Web layouts with unusual shapes and geometry

Starting with the CSS3 techniques, the ordinary squares from web designs layout elements started to be transformed in circles, triangles, hexagons or rhombuses. But, the 2012 bring in our attention a new trend what appear to be the main web design trend of the 2013 year what consist in a more unique visual flow of the website, and what can help a web designer more then the geometrical shapes?



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Grid systems templates

The Golden Grid Template
A PSD tem­plate based on the CSS frame­work The Golden Grid by Vladimir Carrer.

Photoshop 4 Column Grid
A free 4 Col­umn Pho­to­shop grid tem­plate for a 1024×768 screen res­o­lu­tion by Ray Gulick.

InDesign 568×792 Grid System (12)

By Dario Gal­vagno. Adobe InDe­sign file with a grid sys­tem for a 568pts x 792pts page that is divided into 12 columns and rows using the Golden Ratio. Includes a 12pt baseline grid.
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