Folds On Paper

German artist Simon Schubert folds paper to create architectural ‘drawings’.

In his series titled ‘Papierarbeiten’ (which means “paper work” in German), architectural drawings are created without any pen or pencil, color or shadings.

Schubert just meticulously folds the pieces of paper to create creases that resemble the lines of the buildings’ structures—and eventually form a ‘drawing’.

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Krafty business cards


Kraft paper business cards are popping up all over the place. My local print shop is featuring them big time on their website right now, and I find myself handed them quite frequently at networking events of late. I’ve scoured the web and curated a little selection of my favourites. Hopefully they get the creative juices flowing in all the designers out there. For the rest of us, may they serve as an inspiration the next time you need to order up a batch!

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