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Font management with Suitcase Fusion 3 now extends to website designs

With little exception, fonts can be the number one asset any designer owns, and the most difficult to manage.
Suitcase Fusion 3 main window

The in-house graphic designer with a limited number of corporate fonts to use on a daily basis may need nothing more than Apple’s Font Book app (if even that) to manage a small font collection. But the freelance designer with dozens of clients, the ad agency production studio and the print shop with hundreds of clients must have robust font management or dealing with fonts can become a full-time job. For those users, Extensis offers Suitcase Fusion 3.

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Suitcase Fusion 2

Suitcase Fusion, a professional font-management utility designed for individual users, has seen a giant upgrade with the release of version 2. The program has been entirely rewritten using code borrowed from Extensis’ Universal Type Server product. The result is increased speed and responsiveness—especially for adding and auto-activating fonts—and several clever new features that encourage typographical experimentation.

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MasterJuggler 3

Alsoft, Inc. was founded in 1984 by two former Apple employees to develop and market MacExpress®, the first programming framework for the Macintosh.

Alsoft is a leading developer of award-winning utility software that enhances the Mac OS. The company currently produces DiskWarrior, MasterJuggler, PlusOptimizer, DiskExpress Pro, PlusMaker, and PlusMaximizer.

Since the beginning, their line of award-winning utilities has been well known and respected throughout the Macintosh community. Many of their products were the first of their kind, and most have features that remain Alsoft exclusives to this day.

In my world of fixing Macintosh related software problems for the professional market, I can tell you without hesitation that Alsoft is a company that makes my life easier. DiskWarrior is something that I almost couldn’t do without.

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Identify Fonts

Have a graphic, logo or other sample of a font but don’t know what it’s called? Check one of these sites to help. See also Software to Help Identify Fonts above.

Identify a font by answering a series of questions; 2. find a typeface by its name and see a sample. Helpful tool!

Linotype Font Finder: Automatic Font Identifier
Identify a font by answering a series of questions about various letters. Quite a helpful tool to help you identify a font!

Upload a scanned image of a font at this site, and they’ll tell you the closest match. Fabulous tool at MyFonts.com.

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FontLab Studio 5.0

With unique killer features like native TrueType support and single-window Multiple Master editing, FontLab’s Studio 5.0.2 is the most capable font-editing tool available today, easily outpacing both the current Fontographer (now Owned by FontLab) and the old FontStudio (formerly published by Letraset).

It has been, over time, a great favorite of font manufacturers, font designers, and graphic designers who need to customize fonts for clients—people who need more advanced features than Fontographer offers, such as OpenType format support.

New features for FontLab Studio 5 (called FontLab in previous releases), include new editing tools for metrics and kerning, in-context glyph design, improved Unicode and Multiple Master support, new printing/proofing features, and dozens of other interface enhancements and functionality refinements, including the ability to preserve your workspace settings across font editing sessions.

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